Replacement Water Filters in Albuquerque New Mexico

Replacement Water Filters in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Albuquerque New Mexico residents use the water in their homes for everything from drinking, brushing their teeth, showering to washing the dishes and beyond. The water used is always filtered and purified before use to reduce the amount of sediments and contaminants. Residents usually install a drinking water filter or an entire house filter. Over time, the water filters do not do as good of a job as they did when they were first installed. Therefore, the water filters usually require replacement when the water starts to taste funny, looks discolored, the flow is disrupted and/or after a certain period, say 6 months, especially for those who drink lots of water. Here are types of and pointers for replacement water filters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 



Using carbon water filters is the simplest technology used for removing sediments. Activated carbon is inserted in cartridges and it absorbs impurities such as chlorine, harmful chemical compounds and natural minerals. Heavily contaminated water flowing through carbon filters cause clogs over time. A leak in the water supply line can deliver loads of dirt and will eventually fill up an entire charcoal cartridge. Replacement water filters in Albuquerque New Mexico for carbon cartridges needs to be done when they become clogged with impurities. Nowadays, most filters have digital sensors that will notify you when they need replacement. The housing of the carbon filter unit will need to be rinsed to remove any charcoal grains.


Reverse osmosis (RO) filters work differently compared to carbon filters. They use several membranes that are wound around a large cylindrical tube. Contaminants such as toxic byproducts and industrial processes are attracted to outer surfaces. Impurities are removed through the drain rather than collected on the membranes. A reduction in water flow signals the filter should be fixed by opening or closing valves to adjust incoming and outgoing water pressure. There are instances when the RO membrane will start to break down after years of operation without any maintenance. It is recommended that you schedule regular inspections. The multiple membranes should be cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure proper filtration and draining of contaminants. If the membranes have been completely disintegrated then they should be replaced.


Another water filter used by Albuquerque New Mexico residents is an ultraviolet radiation filter that kills bacteria, viruses and other microscopic organisms that live in water and are harmful to people. Ultraviolet radiation filters have powerful lamps that emit UV radiation that instantly kills the DNA of microorganisms in water. Since UV water filters are connected to an electrical outlet at all times, strong power surges during blackouts may damage the UV radiation filters by destroying the lamp and preventing it from functioning at optimum levels. The lamp will therefore require a replacement UV radiation filter in Albuquerque New Mexico after it burns out. For maintenance, the electrical components should be insulated properly to protect them from the slightest exposure to moisture.

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