Signs That Your Water Filtration System Is Failing

Signs That Your Water Filtration System Is Failing

Water filtration can secure safe water for your household, help you save money, and reduce plumbing problems. But if your water filter is outdated, broken, or inefficient, you aren’t getting the benefits you should from your system. Read to discover the signs that your water filtration system is failing.

Bad Taste or Odor

Bad water often tastes salty or metallic. Contaminants impart these unsavory flavors. Even if it’s safe to drink, the bad taste will keep you away from enjoying a glass of refreshing water.

Materials like sulfur, algae, iron, and chlorine can make your water smell terrible. Appropriate water treatment will remove contaminants and leave you with scent-free water. A bad smell can indicate that there is a clog in the water filter or that it needs repair.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign that your water filtration system is failing is a decrease in water pressure. When the filter becomes clogged or doesn’t function properly, it can cause the water to back up.

Low water pressure can also indicate leaks in your plumbing. Your water treatment service provider can solve problems with the filter, while a plumber can fix your pipes.

Discolored Water

Failing filtration can leave your water yellow, brown, or cloudy. Sediment and mineral deposits in pipes can enter the water and cause discoloration. Sometimes, water can flow quickly through the pipes, disturb the sediment, and cause contaminants to float in the water supply.

If you have discolored water, have your water tested to identify the cause. A plumber might fix or replace the pipes. Different treatments can filter various physical, chemical, or biological contaminants.

Limescale Buildup

Have you noticed a hard, white, chalky substance on your fixtures, water-using appliances, or in your pipes? Calcium carbonate deposits from hard water, also known as limescale, can contribute to this issue.

Limescale leaves ugly residue on taps and shower heads. Over time, limescale builds up in pipes and restricts water flow. Fortunately, a water softening system can correct hard water.

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