What Odor Can Tell You About Your Household Water Quality

What Odor Can Tell You About Your Household Water Quality

There’s nothing better than a fresh glass of water. The substance refreshes you and helps keep you balanced. Yet, this calming experience may turn unpleasant if the water smells funky. Read this piece on what odor can tell you about your household water quality if things don’t smell quite right.

There Are Bacteria

One reason the water supply in your home might be smelly is that bacteria and iron are growing inside of it. No one wants to believe this is a possibility, but iron can cause bacteria to grow. Certain bacteria feeds on iron and grows rapidly, especially in hot water. . Another reason bacteria develop is the hard water runs through the pipes. Hard water contains an excess amount of minerals. Hard water can lead to buildups that cause things to smell, among other problems. If you suspect bacteria are in your pipes, you should call a trusted water treatment company today.

There Are Chemicals Present

Every plumbing system has some chemicals in it to clear out pollutants and bacteria. However, the chemicals shouldn’t be so strong that you can smell them. Call a professional to look at the pipes if your water smells like chemicals. Most importantly, don’t drink the water because there’s no telling what the levels are.

There’s Decaying Matter in the Drain

No one likes doing the dishes. We get lazy and don’t scrape every last piece of food off the plate. Well, that laziness could come back to haunt you in the form of stinky water. Sometimes, decaying matter (like a piece of food) gets stuck in the drain. When this happens, you can’t easily flush it out. After a while, the matter begins to smell. As a result, it’s vital to clean out the drain often to ensure nothing has become stuck inside it.

By now, you should know what odor can tell you about your household water quality. The truth is, if something smells funky, it’s not a good sign. Don’t hesitate to call Good Water Company if this problem ever arises. We’re trained professionals that’ll give you honest answers so that you can get back to normal life.

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