Why You Should Get Your Water Tested for Bacteria

Why You Should Get Your Water Tested for Bacteria

It’s easy to take clean drinking water for granted. But if your water is contaminated with pathogens, such as bacteria, your household water can put your health at risk. Find out why you should get your water tested for bacteria.

Various Causes of Contamination

While the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates public drinking water quality, unsafe levels of bacteria can sometimes contaminate water. Bacteria can enter the water supply at the source, such as through groundwater, or in the distribution system after treatment at a facility.

If you source drinking water from a well, heavy rain can lead to contamination if unsafe surface water permeates the well wall. Plumbing that harbors bacteria might also introduce pathogens into your water supply. The many ways for bacteria to contaminate your water mean that it’s important to stay vigilant to ensure quality.

Bacteria in Drinking Water Can Cause Illness

A primary reason why you should get your water tested for bacteria is that contamination can cause illness. Contaminated water may contain bacteria such as E. coli, Legionella, and Salmonella in concentrations high enough to make your household sick.

Sometimes, your drinking water will exhibit signs of contamination. If your water has unusual odors, tastes, or colors, get it tested as soon as possible.

However, the presence of these signs might not indicate bacterial contamination, and illness-causing bacteria may not produce these effects. The only way to be sure that you’re drinking safe water is to get it tested.

Simple Testing and Effective Treatment

Fortunately, it’s easy for homeowners to have their water tested for bacterial contamination. And if you do find harmful levels, you can implement an effective treatment to make your water safe to drink.

Keep in mind that while the EPA regulates public drinking water supplies, private well owners must get their water tested to ensure its safety. Test your private well at least once a year for cleanliness and to verify the equipment works properly.

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